Childcare Program

Working full time while raising a child is really hard. Parents can’t do it alone. And so, parents for generations have turned to their village for help. Villages to which parents turn include many different individuals, including family, friends, and neighbors. For many, the village to which parents turn also includes childcare professionals. Of course, it can be hard to trust someone else when it comes to the welfare of one’s child. Finding the right, trustworthy village to take care of one’s child is a big deal. Discovery Village in Tarrytown assures working parents of the best child care around.

Why Are Child Care Centers Important?

Child care centers are homes away from home for children whose parents work during the day. Quality child care centers are also an important resource in nurturing children’s academic, social-emotional, and physical skills during the vital early years of development.

For the best childcare has to offer


Childcare centers are important for working parents and their kids. Choosing the best childcare center is crucial.

Why trust Discovery Village for your child’s welfare?

  • Discovery Village provides excellent care from trusted, highly trained educators looking out for the welfare and development of your child.
  • Your child will learn while experiencing comfort and security with us. We offer quality early childhood learning through play and projects, so your child will both have fun and will also be very well prepared for kindergarten. Our staff are highly-equipped with knowledge of early childhood learning and development. We focus on children’s needs and interests, tailoring our program to engage and nurture children’s creativity and imagination.
  • Discovery Village is unique. We want only the best for your child, and have designed a remarkable play and project based program integrating academic and social-emotional foundational skills necessary for success in kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond. At Discovery Village, children have the opportunity to explore, create, discover, and unleash their tremendous potential
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The future of your child is in your hands.