Early Childhood Learning Center

How a child sees the world and others is established during the significant early years. Experiencing the best early childhood education has to offer, children at Discovery Village are immersed in care, creativity, and discovery.

Reasons Why Early Learning is Important

The early years in a child’s life are the underpinning of all that is to come. Rapid brain development occurs during the first five years, and learning experiences provided to nurture and enhance that development are essential to long term success. These experiences include much more than just learning fundamental skills. The best early childhood education programs cater to the development of the whole child, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs. While every parent has an essential role in this stage of their children’s development, great early learning centers provide teaching approaches that enhance a child’s learning capacity in ways most parents are not equipped or trained to foster.

Discovery Village as the Best Early Learning Center

Your child’s well-being and learning depend in part on selecting a strong early learning center. Finding the right environment for your child can make a massive difference in the way your child feels about socializing and learning later in life. At Discovery Village, we understand that you have a lot of choices for where your child begins a formal education. We are committed to earning your trust and providing you with the quality your child deserves.

the best early childhood education has to offer

At Discovery Village, we guarantee that:

  1. Children get a top-notch education and the care they deserve. We believe that our unique teaching approach can reveal your child’s potential and give your child the freedom to self-express. We value your child’s interests and help your child develop vital skills and understanding through engaging, creative activities.
  2. Our teachers have advanced degrees and certifications that qualify them to provide your child with the best care. Our on-site CEO has a Ph.D. in Education and teaches education to doctoral students. All of our staff are passionate about providing nurturing relationships and impactful experiences, instilling life-long values, and building character.
  3. Parents have an essential role in Discovery Village’s mission. They are encouraged to volunteer, monitor classes, and get involved in their child’s education. Here, parents are educational partners who are welcome to participate actively in their children’s educational experiences.

We know that you want the best care and educational jump start you can find for your child. We encourage you to schedule a visit to come and tour our village.