Preschool Program

A Time for Creativity and Wonder

The best preschool experiences lay a foundation for benefits that will last a lifetime. The first five years of life are an incredible time for learning. As children reach the age of preschool, become ready for so much.  Increasingly observant, they notice, wonder, and make creative connections that help shape the ways they understand and interact with the world. With the support of a superior preschool program, so much becomes possible. Children learn, explore, create, and discover in the present, while developing academic and social-emotional skills vital to success in kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond.

For the best preschool has to offer
the best preschool experiences

Benefits of of the Best Preschool Experiences

Discovery Village offers opportunity for children to unleash their innate curiosity and creativity. Offering meaningful learning experiences through play, children develop foundational skills in literacy, math, science, and cultural studies. They express themselves through the arts, and develop physical and motor skills. All of this occurs in the context of both engagement with others and in gaining understanding of themselves as unique individuals.

At Discovery Village we have long believed that the very best education, from birth through graduate school, occurs in the early years. The joyous wonder and stretching of the imagination is the basis of achievement in numerous fields in the arts, sciences, and numerous professions. Learning at Discovery Village stems from children’s interests. They inquire, observe, experiment and create. In the process they strengthen a wide range of skills including academic and social-emotional. They gain self-awareness as well as understanding of others. Through it all, they are immersed in a calm, joyous environment in which their personalities and identities are embraced and celebrated.


A Preschool that Embraces Children in the Present While Setting a Foundation for the Future

Childhood can be a magical time.  At Discovery Village we celebrate children, encouraging them to be themselves while learning. While not racing to the future, we prepare children for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Yet we do so in a way that is calm and joyful. Children learn through play, discovering much about themselves, each other, and the world around them.

Choosing a preschool is a vitally important decision. Families who live or work near Tarrytown have access to Discovery Village, a unique high-quality child care center that has earned the community’s trust

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