Preschool Program

A great preschool experience is a gift, laying a foundation for benefits that will last a lifetime. While an incredible amount of learning has taken place right from birth, most children enter their first big school – preschool – at around the age of 3 or 4. This is the time that kids begin to understand the public sphere and develop the behaviors and understanding that will help them navigate their world longterm. Children in this age range become increasingly observant; noticing, wondering, and making creative connections that help shape the ways they understand and interact with the world. Enrolling your child in a superior preschool has immediate and longterm benefits. Childre learn, explore, create, and discover in the present, while developing academic and social-emotional skills vital to success in kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond.

For the best preschool has to offer


High Quality preschools offer opportunities for children to unleash their innate curiosity and creativity. Offering meaningful learning experiences through playful engagement, children develop foundational skills in literacy, math, science, and cultural studies. They express themselves through the arts, and develop physical and motor skills. All of this occurs in the context of both engagement with others and in gaining understanding of themselves as unique individuals. Choosing a preschool is a vitally important decision. Families who live or work near Tarrytown have access to Discovery Village, a unique high-quality child care center that has earned the community’s trust.


While the home is the primary source of a child’s learning, there’s tremendous benefit to formal schooling in an environment that truly understands the needs of young children and their families. Enrolling your child in a quality preschool center is an important step to helping your child succeed and thrive.

Here are reasons to choose Discovery Village:

  1. Discovery Village Center is a high-quality child care center where your child can embrace learning. It is the best place for your child to discover and unleash talent. Your child is in good hands with us!

  2. At Discovery Village Center we integrate learning with fun. We help children develop their curiosity by letting them explore. That curiosity develops as a bridge to even more experiences, learning, creativity, and understanding.

  3. Your child isn’t a receptacle to pour adults’ ideas into. At Discovery Village, we focus on holistic development for your child, focusing on children’s interests and creativity, and providing a higher level of learning.