Discovery Village – Unique Tarrytown Daycare QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Discovery Village Tarrytown is open year round from 7 AM –6 PM.

We have an open door policy for parents at this premier Tarrytown daycare. Each parent has keyless entry to the center through an app, and can enter at any time the center is open to see how their child is doing.

Parents receive updates and photos during the day through an app. The app is also used by parents as keyless entry to the center.

Safety and security is vital to us. Discovery Village has video surveillance cameras in every room and in the halls facing all outer doors.

Two nutritious, freshly prepared meals and two snacks are provided daily and are included in the cost of tuition. These meals are prepared on site in our own kitchen, with the care of home-cooked meals. The menu has been approved by a registered dietician.

Learning at Discovery Village Tarrytown daycare follows children’s interests, while engaging children in activities to nurture and develop academic, physical, and social-emotional skills.

Note: The schedule varies by class; specific activities are thoughtfully designed to engage and support learning and skills for children at each age group.

  • 7-8:30 Welcome – children are greeted by their teachers and peers; activity centers are set up with a range of options for exploration and play
  • 8:30-9:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00 Morning Welcome – Songs and Activities introducing learning for the day and including Spanish and sign language.
  • 9:30 Projects related to children’s interests, integrating math, literacy, science, and cultural/social studies
  • 10:15 Music and Movement including yoga and exercise
  • 11:00 Outdoor Play
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12-2:30 Nap and Quiet Activities
  • 2:30 Snack
  • 2:45 Projects related to Children’s Interests integrating math, literacy, science, cultural/social studies, and Spanish
  • 3:00 Afternoon Circle – Songs and Activities with a focus on literacy, math concepts, and social skills, and Spanish
  • 3:15 Independent centers for academic skill building and related to children’s interests
  • 4:00 Outdoor play
  • 5:00 Snack
  • 5: 15 End of Day Circle – Reflections on learning
  • 5:30-6 Centers and Independent Project Time

Discovery Village is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

Discovery Village is committed to hiring teachers who are committed to their work with children, and to their own ongoing professional learning. Teachers have either an advanced degree in early childhood education or a Child Development Associate Certification. The majority of our assistant teachers are in the process of either working toward an advanced degree or a Child Development Associate Certification. Discovery Village Tarrytown daycare covers the cost of this training for our teachers.

Teachers engage in ongoing professional development programs, many of which are provided by Discovery Village. These trainings include CPR/First Aid, safety and security in working with children, and a wide range of trainings connected to early childhood learning and creativity.

Discovery Village is a premier childcare and early childhood learning center offering the care of a local village, the openness of a global village, the creativity of an art studio, and the discovery of a science lab! At Discovery Village children learn by doing, and are immersed in meaningful activities connected to their interests, integrating skill building in academics, physical and motor development, and social-emotional skills.

Grounded in three pillars: relationships, experiences, and values, we offer children nurturing care, playful learning, engaging curriculum, supportive social-emotional and character skill building, and enriched experiences included integrated Spanish and Sign Language instruction.

Learning in all subject areas at Discovery Village is carefully integrated into the experience of designing and living in our village. With guidance from their teachers, children at Discovery Village learn by doing – transforming their classrooms into communities and engaging in inquiries and projects that are interesting to them.

Proudly “Reggio-inspired”, we embrace the innovative approach to learning and child care developed after World War II in villages around Reggio Emilia, Italy. Reggio-inspired schools of excellence now thrive globally.

Propelled by the momentous challenges and possibilities of our contemporary times, Discovery Village offers our own unique flair to Reggio-inspired learning, designing anew what is possible in childcare.

Our unique approach emphasizes:

Unique Voices for Collaborative Impact

Each child has a unique role and opportunity for choice in contributing to collaborative projects. They receive their own materials, easily disinfected between uses. Children pursue their interests, make choices, and develop a commitment to contributing in their own unique ways. They develop a sense of responsibility, efficacy, and agency. These are all core characteristics of people who can stand up to oppression, injustice, and inequity.

Inclusive Relationships

Our caring village nurtures strong relationships between teachers and children. Children participate in activities to develop the social-emotional skills needed to be a good friend and connected community member. We emphasize inclusion, celebrating our similarities and our differences.

Creativity and Discovery

At Discovery Village we offer the care of a village, the creativity of an art studio, and the discovery of a science lab. We embrace the Reggio notion of “100 languages” or the infinite ways children can express their ideas, feelings, and creativity. Children participate in many different activities including the arts and sciences, language and math, cultural studies and physical activity. There is substantial enrichment including Spanish and sign language.

Caring and Contributing

At Discovery Village we emphasize being a caring village – caring for ourselves, others, our communities, and our world. Yet, caring on its own is never enough. We focus on ways to act on our care, making positive contributions to benefit others.


Children participate in experiences developing the social-emotional skills, inner resources, and qualities of character vital to well-being and to making a positive contribution in the lives of others, their communities, and the world.

Global and Local Connection

Being a villager, or citizen, of Discovery Village, our local communities, and our world is emphasized through our programming. We offer age-appropriate ways for children to participate and contribute to the community. Parents engage as villagers, with opportunities to be actively involved in our village.

It is in our policy of Discovery Village that families remain responsible for tuition regardless of attendance, holiday closures and inclement weather closures/delays.


Discovery Village requires one month written notice when withdrawing from the program.

Discovery Village accepts approved DSS Child Care Subsidized families through valid authorization periods with proper documentation.

Discovery Village believes in redirection and providing comfort and reassurance verbally for each individual child. Children are given options and alternatives and are never isolated from the group.


Discovery Village Tarrytown daycare provides breakfast at 8:30 am and lunch at 11:30 am. There are also two healthy snacks provided at 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions you will be responsible for substitutions. Typically families bring extra clothing, bedding for nap time, diapers and wipes as well as any other personal items your child may need for the day. All items must be labeled with your child’s first and last name.

Outdoor fun at Discovery Village Tarrytown
Creativity at Discovery Village Tarrytown