Our Unique Approach

REGGIO-INSPIRED – Tailored To the Challenges & Possibilities of Our Times

The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences.
Loris Malaguzzi
founder of the Reggio Emilia Municipal Education Project

Discovery Village offers experiential, hands-on learning uniquely adapted to the times in which we live.

Contemporary and classic research and experience combine in our playful and highly effective approach. Exploration, creativity, and discovery stem from student interests in an environment emphasizing inclusive relationships. At Discovery Village our young villagers develop the skills vital for success and well-being in Kindergarten and beyond.

While we embrace the highly creative Reggio-inspired approach to learning, the momentous events of our own times led us to imagine our approach anew. Remaining open through the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety protocols sparked our creativity. Initially needing to provide children with individual materials as a health measure, we found this approach opened possibilities. We redesigned our program emphasizing ways in which we can each offer our own unique contributions to the community. COVID-19 health and safety protocols also led to a broader emphasis on health and well-being.

Reflections on protest and calls for racial justice of our times led us to reinvigorate our commitment to an inclusive, diverse environment. With a multi-cultural community, we emphasize a core commitment to inclusion, justice, equity, and the celebration of all our cultures.

Reggio-Inspired Creativity
Our Reggio-Inspired Heritage


We remain proud of our Reggio-inspired heritage. While the majority of Reggio-inspired schools emphasize their innovative, hands-on approaches to learning, and we do as well, we highlight values based learning even more.

The founding story of Reggio has always inspired us. Parents in Reggio-Emilia Italy, an area of northern Italy that had been very active in the resistance, spent the days immediately following World War II building for the future. From the rubble of bombed out buildings, on land donated by a local farmer, with funds from a tank and some horses abandoned after the war, they built a preschool. Although the demands of their present were enormous, they had the vision to engage in “patient protest”, laying a foundation for the future. These visionary parents created a preschool to prepare their children to stand strong against oppression, injustice, and inequity not only of their own times, but of the future. In time, their vision inspired schools around the world. Discovery Village builds on their inspirational legacy.


Reggio-Inspired Discovery
Reggio-Inspired with our own Unique Flair

Unique Voices for Collaborative Impact

Each child has a unique role and opportunity for choice in contributing to collaborative projects. They receive their own materials, easily disinfected between uses. Children pursue their interests, make choices, and develop a commitment to contributing in their own unique ways. They develop a sense of responsibility, efficacy, and agency. These are all core characteristics of people who can stand up to oppression, injustice, and inequity.

Inclusive Relationships

Our caring village nurtures strong relationships between teachers and children. Children participate in activities to develop the social-emotional skills needed to be a good friend and connected community member. We emphasize inclusion, celebrating our similarities and our differences.

Creativity and Discovery

At Discovery Village we offer the care of a village, the creativity of an art studio, and the discovery of a science lab. We embrace the Reggio notion of “100 languages” or the infinite ways children can express their ideas, feelings, and creativity. Children participate in many different activities including the arts and sciences, language and math, cultural studies and physical activity. There is substantial enrichment including Spanish and sign language.

Caring and Contributing

At Discovery Village we emphasize being a caring village – caring for ourselves, others, our communities, and our world. Yet, caring on its own is never enough. We focus on ways to act on our care, making positive contributions to benefit others.


Children participate in experiences developing the social-emotional skills, inner resources, attention to physical wellness, and qualities of character vital to well-being and to making a positive contribution in the lives of others, their communities, and the world.

Global and Local Connection

Being a villager, or citizen, of Discovery Village, our local communities, and our world is emphasized through our programming. We offer age-appropriate ways for children to participate and contribute to the community. Parents engage as villagers, with opportunities to be actively involved in our village.