Summer at Discovery Village

Summer at Discovery Village

Are you looking for a day camp near Tarrytown for your infant, toddler, or preschooler? Discovery Village, a year round program, welcomes infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for the summer months. Offering the care of a village, the creativity of an art studio, and the discovery of a science lab, our summer program offers a unique approach to day camp for young children. Explorations follow children’s interests, and focus on art and science. Spending substantial time outdoors, we immerse ourselves in the joys of warm weather, while still engaged in quality play-based learning.

Day Camp Near Tarrytown

Children delight in the joys of friendship and fun. We are led by our own curiosity and imagination. From a nurturing day camp near Tarrytown, we travel anywhere our imaginations can take us. We’ve transformed our classrooms into under the sea wonderlands and built cloud observatories. We’ve planted gardens, and created murals of the beach.

Science comes alive as we conduct a wide range of experiments. We ask questions, observe, hypothesize, and seek understanding.

We stretch our artistic muscles using a wide range of materials to express themselves. Friendships are nurtured and we have so much fun. Without even realizing it, we are preparing to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.

Science at Discovery Village
Fun at Day Camp Near Tarrytown

Sports and games are highlights of our summer. We develop our physical fitness, and motor skills while having fun with a wide range of sports. We build village spirit with lots of celebrations and friendly competitions. 

Each day we get outside for obstacle courses, relay race, a variety sports, nature walks, and time to socialize and be active in our playground. A highlight of our summer is Spirit Week, with a wide range of team sports, as well as explorations in music and art. We find what we love to do, while enjoying time with our friends.

Spirit Week at Discovery Village