At Discovery Village, we guarantee that:

  1. Children get a top-notch education and the care they deserve. We believe that our unique teaching approach can reveal your child’s potential and give your child the freedom to self-express. We value your child’s interests and help your child develop vital skills and understanding through engaging, creative activities.
  2. Our teachers have advanced degrees and certifications that qualify them to provide your child with the best care. Our on-site CEO has a Ph.D. in Education and teaches education to doctoral students. All of our staff are passionate about providing nurturing relationships and impactful experiences, instilling life-long values, and building character.
  3. Parents have an essential role in Discovery Village’s mission. They are encouraged to volunteer, monitor classes, and get involved in their child’s education. Here, parents are educational partners who are welcome to participate actively in their children’s educational experiences.

We know that you want the best care and educational jump start you can find for your child. We encourage you to schedule a visit to come and tour our village.


Discovery Village Childcare & Preschool

The best way to explore the possibilities of Discovery Village for your child is to schedule a tour of our village.

At Discovery Village, we understand how important it is for parents to have peace of mind when they go to work and leave their children for the day. Believing that it truly takes a village to raise a child, we are proud to be the village that parents trust day in and day out.