Discovery Village: Quality Day Care for Families in Sleepy Hollow, New York

Like Sleepy Hollow itself, Discovery Village, offers the care of a community-minded village with the culture and creativity of an urban hub. Conveniently located on White Plains Road, within Sleepy Hollow’s very own 10591 zip code,  families in Sleepy Hollow benefit from a premier day care near Sleepy Hollow. 

What is it that distinguishes Discovery Village as a world class day care near Sleepy Hollow?

First and foremost, our young Discovery Villagers, between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years, are immersed in the care of a village, the creativity of an art studio, and the discovery of a science lab. In all of our programs;  infant, toddler, and preschool, careful attention is given to nurturing the natural curiosity and creativity of our young villagers. Art projects and science investigations abound, all developed responsively based on the ever emerging interests of our children. Without compromising on the development of language, literacy, and math skills vital for Kindergarten readiness, Discovery Village seamlessly infuses learning in academic areas within creative, playful projects and explorations designed to reflect students’ interests. All of this is located close to home, in a premier day care near Sleepy Hollow.

In the list of vital considerations for busy Sleepy Hollow families when choosing childcare, Discovery Village has it all


Science at Sleepy Hollow Day care

Full Day, Year Round Care: Open 12 months a year, from 7 AM to 6 PM, Discovery Village provides full day, year round learning and care. 


Great Location: Located on White Plains Road, Discovery Village is very close to home for Sleepy Hollow families, while offering easy access to routes 119, 287, 87, and the Saw Mill River Parkway. 


COVID Safety Protocol at Sleepy Hollow Day care

COVID Health and Safety Protocol: 

Discovery Village has carefully interwoven both the mandatory and recommended health and safety guidelines for Child Care programs in New York State in a playful and non-stressful manner. This includes: daily health screenings for children and adults, very frequent hand washing and sanitizing throughout the day, professional cleaning and disinfecting after hours, personal protective equipment, social distancing for adults, small learning pods with the same teachers and small group consistently for children to limit exposure, exclusion from program with symptoms that could indicate COVID until cleared by a doctor to return, individual toy and materials for children disinfected between use, individually plated food for meals, and transparent communication with families.

State of the Art Video Surveillance Cameras and Secure Keyless Entry System:

Classrooms and doors are protected with video surveillance cameras. Monitoring screens are positioned both in the back office and in the entryway to the school. Our Director and CEO also have access through their phones. Parents are welcome to observe children in classrooms at any time on the monitoring screen at the school entryway.  Our state of the art Kisi keyless entry system allows access only to people authorized by the school. Parents and staff members gain entry during school hours through an app. When a staff member or family member leaves the school their access is immediately withdrawn. Additionally, the school’s CEO can lockdown the facility from her phone. 


CPR, First Aid, Medical Administration Training (MAT) and Safety Drills and Reviews: 

All staff receive on-site CPR and First Aid training. Numerous staff members, including the entire leadership team have Medical Administration Training. Staff and students participate in monthly fire drills as well as lock down drills several times a year. There is regular review with staff on safety protocol and procedures, including special medical needs of children that might require special attention. There is also regular review of food and other allergies of children. 


Health and Wellness

Wellness at Sleepy Hollow Day care


Children at Discovery Village receive a healthy breakfast, lunch, and two snacks, prepared fresh, on site every day and included in the cost of tuition. Our talented in house chef designs a menu that is both dietician and kid approved! 

Combined with healthy foods, Discovery Village designs playful  explorations inviting children’s wonder and curiosity about food and nutrition. They learn about food and nutrition, and even participate in cooking and gardening projects.


Offering a wide range of sports and calisthenics, alongside daily yoga, Discovery Village offers children a wide range of opportunities to move their bodies and exercise. Our villagers get outside twice a day, weather permitting. We also get physically active inside with dancing, obstacle courses, and lots and lots of movement. Central to the Discovery Village experience is a focus on fitness as central in a healthy lifestyle.

Social-Emotional Learning:

Caring for oneself and others, as well as our communities and even our planet, is central to the Discovery Village experience. The center is a haven and hope, a calm and peaceful oasis in a world that can so often be full of chaos and trauma. Our villagers are deeply engaged in developing the skills and mindsets vital to social-emotional well-being.


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Highly Teachers and Administrators:

You want to trust the people with whom you leave your child. Consider their qualifications as well as the ways in which they are interacting with children.


Ask about the school’s curriculum and approach. See that it will engage and delight children in the present, while preparing them for success and well-being in Kindergarten and beyond.

Professional Development: 

Explore whether educators at the program are engaged in ongoing learning and are committed to continually focus on strengthening the program.


Children learn in connection with teachers, peers, as well as with their environment. Is the facility clean, spacious, and highly engaging for children? Is the outdoor space inviting?