Daycare Program

The first five years of life mark the most crucial phase in the development of a child. During this time, the right care, nurturing, and education provide advantages that will last a lifetime. While work and other obligations make it tough for parents to provide those advantages on their own, excellent daycares and preschools can help.

Because of the importance of the quality of care and learning children receive in their first five years, choosing a day care center that truly understands the learning, social-emotional, and developmental needs of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers is among the most important decisions a parent will make. The right, quality day care center not only enables parents to go to work knowing their children are both safe and happy, but actually provides significant long-term academic and social-emotional benefits for kids. Discovery Village in Tarrytown is a rare find; committed to partnering with parents by providing the highest quality learning and care.

Give your child the best daycare has to offer at Discovery Village


Sending a child to day care for the first time can be tough. While children and their parents may experience separation anxiety, understanding the tremendous benefits of quality daycare can offer parents peace of mind. A superior day care program supplements the attention, nurturing, and engagement in learning parents offer at home. It makes a significant, long-term positive impact on a child’s cognitive and social-emotional development. Parents can leave their children at a quality daycare and go to work knowing they are giving their children gifts that will last a lifetime.

At superior day care centers, children are engaged in meaningful play and learning experiences. They increase their vocabulary, develop strong communication skills, learn early reading and writing skills, and engage in the process of both learning and creating with language. Children build early math skills with both numbers and patterns, explore scientific ideas, follow their curiosity and interests, and create in a wide range of artistic media. They develop strong and nurturing relationships with teachers and peers, and engage in activities that develop their own emerging sense of self.

Quality  day care centers prepare children for the academics they will experience in kindergarten and elementary school. They simultaneously provide a safe and supervised environment in which children develop social-emotional skills vital to long-term success. At the best day care centers, children not only learn about others and the world, but also explore themselves. They receive a personalized learning path based on their unique needs and interests, providing the freedom, opportunity, and skills necessary to unleash their own creativity and possibility.


Child care centers are more than just a place to bring your child while you are at work. The best day care centers provide tools and approaches to help your child thrive both now and in the future. Your child, and your family, deserve a daycare center that will become a central part of your village; a place you can trust and rely on to nurture, care for, and teach your child. Finding the right daycare center can be hard.

What makes Discovery Village different?

Relationships are central to the Discovery Village experience. Teachers develop strong relationships with each child, and with our children’s families. We additionally place tremendous focus on assisting children to develop strong relationships with each other. Through their relationships with teachers and peers, children develop vital soft skills such as empathy, communication, and teamwork, laying the foundation for long term success. In our unique play and project based program, children at Discovery Village learn by doing. Meaningful learning experiences stem from children’s interests, enabling us to transform a typical classroom into a highly engaging learning environment.

Values matter. At Discovery Village there is a strong focus on partnering with families to instill strong values that complement the ones children learn at home. We explore and live values connected to children’s lives, emphasizing the values of caring, connecting, creating, contributing, and well-being. We focus on ways to care for ourselves, as well as ways of connecting with and caring for others, our communities, and our world. We support children to make active, positive contributions, creatively expressing themselves and their care. Through a focus on character, children develop the skills and commitments to create lives of care and contribution, experiencing not only happiness, but a deeper sense of  well-being currently and far into the future.