Daycare Activities To Enjoy at Home

Daycare Activities for Home

Daycare Activities to bring home - during quarantine and any other time

Daycare activities at Discovery Village include the arts, sciences, language and literacy, math, physical education, and so much more. When children can’t be in school, there is so much families can offer at home. During a quarantine of our toddler program, our teachers created learning activities for families to bring Discovery Village home.

While these activities are presented within a structure like school, you can play with them. Feel very welcome to embrace the joy of the possibility of less structured days at home. Learning can happen while cooking, doing laundry, as well as while  becoming immersed in play. Of the activities, see what resonates for you child. We invite you to make it all as low-stress as possible.

We are so happy for you to be able to enjoy these activities any time

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