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Your children begin learning at birth. As parents, you are their first teachers. You have the joy of guiding them as they grow and discover the wonders and possibilities of the world. In this vital task, you deserve not only daycare, but a village, to provide the care, nurturing, creativity, and discovery that will lay a foundation for lifelong well-being and success. At Discovery Village, families in the village of Elmsford, New York, can experience world class learning and care very close to home. Discovery Village provides the very highest quality daycare near Elmsford.

Early childhood learning plays a crucial role in a child’s development. It serves as an avenue for little ones to share, follow instructions, and interact with other children.  Daycare centers are more than a place that you take your children to be cared for while you are working. They provide your children with the foundational tools they will need to succeed in the future. 

The Juggle is Real for Busy Parents

Finding the right environment for your child is among the most important decisions you need to make. As parents, you need to look for quality daycare where your children will receive care, nurturing, and engaging learning  while you are at work. Some of the ways a high-quality daycare center can keep your child happy and help them succeed in school and in their lives outside of school include:

  • Daycare centers nurture a child’s curiosity and offer activities that fuel the imagination.
  • Early childhood educators are much more than a person who ”watches over” your child. They have the skills and training to encourage engagement, promote curiosity, and develop the emotional skills of your kid. 
  • When you enroll your child in daycare, they will develop a sense of pride, self-worth, and responsibility. They are immersed in experiences to develop skills in self-care, care for others, care for the environment, and care for their world. 
  • Daycare centers expose your child to a language-rich environment, using singing, engaging conversations, and storytelling to do so. 
  • To prepare your little ones for kindergarten, daycare centers offer activities that promote pre-kindergarten learning readiness skills. 

Children enrolled in a quality daycare are more likely to develop social and learning skills at a younger age than those who are not. With in-depth research on each daycare, you are sure to find an environment that fits perfectly with your child’s needs. If you are looking for daycare  near Elmsford, Discovery Village Center offers world class quality very close to home. 

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