Creativity with Infants

Infant Daycare to Spark Creativity and Imagination

Infant daycare offers families peace of mind while they are at work. High quality programs, focusing on meaningful play-based learning in the early years, offer even more. Through exploration and sensory experiences children open their minds to wonder and possibility, setting a foundation for a lifetime of exploration and accomplishment. It’s also so much fun! Discovery Village is pleased to share activities to spark your imagination.

Be playful! Get messy! Have fun!

Take any color paint you like. Squeeze it out on a piece of paper. Cover it with saran wrap. Leave it with your infant to smash it up. The sensory experiences central in quality infant daycare programs will spark children’s imaginations, and develop their motor skills.  

This is not only an infant daycare favorite. It is also great activity for busy families. Get some cooking done while your baby delights in creative fun. Add to the learning with conversation, developing your baby’s language skills.

Infant Daycare Smash Painting
Texture painting

Explore textures with your curious, creative baby. Go on a treasure hunt throughout your home. Find objects with all different shapes and textures. Pour paint on a plate. Grab some paper. Let your infant create works of arts experimenting with the various textures of objects you have found. The connection of activities, from treasure hunt to art project develop into larger explorations in quality infant daycare programs. Have fun with them at home!

Grap the inside of a paper towel roll. Wrap it in bubble paper. Dip it in various color paints. Roll it and see the wonder that results!

Creativity with Infants
Finger Painting Fun with Babies

When all else fails, just have fun! Pour some paint on a paper plate and mush it all around. See what your baby can create!