How Your Kids Can Survive the First Day of Preschool in White Plains

Time is a luxury we cannot buy. In the blink of an eye, your sweet babies grow up to be little humans who are all ready to begin their preschool journey. You have already done a thorough research and chosen the perfect preschool in White Plains for your little one. You also made sure that they went to bed early last night so that they would wake up happy and with plenty of time to get ready. Their backpack is filled with school supplies and is waiting by the door while the first-day-school outfit is hanging in the closet ready to go for the big day. 

It’s your child’s first day of preschool in White Plains, and it is time to begin a journey that will last for almost two decades! As parents, how can you make this a hassle-free, memorable day? 

Your kid’s first day of preschool only happens once. It is a huge leap and an exciting milestone for both you and your little one. While stepping into preschool for the first time comes with new and beautiful experiences for your child, it can also be scary for some children. 

First Day Struggles of Both Parents and Child 

Starting school for the first time is an overwhelming, yet exciting milestone. Teachers understand the struggles of some families as their kids embark on this new journey. While parents look forward to the independence, discoveries, and friendships that await their future scholars, enrolling them in school means taking on different routines and leaving the comforts of home. Some preschoolers might experience separation anxiety during the first weeks of school. It is only natural for children to feel anxious on their first day of preschool. It means that the child needs time to trust that you will come back and get used to new routines and faces. Even if they will only be away for a few hours, it is still a huge step for someone wearing such cute, little sneakers.

5 Tips to Take on the First-Day-of-School Jitters

Making the first day a good day can set the tone for the school year to come. If you want your kids to stay in a good mood and go into the day with confidence, help them ace it by following these five get-ready-for-school tips:

Keep your good-byes short and sweet

When the teacher tells you that it’s time to leave your child, hold back your own tears, give your preschooler a quick kiss and hug, then let him know that you’ll be back. When you pick them up after class, reinforce the idea that you returned like you said you would. Remember not to try to sneak away when they are not looking since it will make them less trusting and insecure. Having this routine each day will make goodbyes easier in the long run. 

Keep a smile on your face 

When sending your child off to preschool, they might have a total meltdown. But don’t let them know that you are sad as well. If you seem confident that your little one will learn and have fun and your tone is upbeat, your child will be optimistic too. Put on a happy and smiling face – even if internally you are close to tearing up – give lots of kisses and hugs, then leave. 

Talk to your child

In the week leading up to preschool, you can encourage your child with positive words. When you drive by the building where they will be attending school you can say, “You will have so much fun in there!” or “You are going to love your new school!” If you have any reservations yourself, choose your words carefully since children can pick up on those feelings. 

Don’t rush in the morning

Every morning can feel like a mad rush, especially if your kid is a late riser. If your little one is hard to wake up, get them into bed earlier than usual. In doing this, it will be easier for your child to wake up early, and you won’t have to rush them as they eat their breakfast. 

Bring a comfort object

If the preschool you have chosen allows it, let your child bring an item that reminds them of home and will give them comfort throughout the day, like their trusty stuffed animal or beloved blanket. Once your little one becomes comfortable with their new environment, they will let go of their lovey or leave it in their cubby during playtime. In case your kid has trouble letting go of his lovey, you can compromise and explain why their comfort object is better off staying at home. 

Keeping these five tips in mind can start your child’s educational career off right and help both you and your kids have a more comfortable first day of preschool. Remember that it will be okay. So if you are looking for a reliable preschool in White Plains, calm your kid’s first-day jitters and prepare them for their first day with Discovery Village Center! For more details, check out our website or call (914) 631-1009 today.


How a Quality Daycare Program Can Prepare Your Kids for Kindergarten

The early years of a child’s life are critical. Children absorb more information than we realize like sponges. They develop through their interactions with the world as they discover things for themselves. 

As a parent, you make dozens of decisions to support your child’s health, growth, and development each day. For instance, one of the most crucial choices that working parents have to make is choosing the most qualified place to care for their children while they are away. Many families search for quality daycare near White Plains. Since their kids will spend a significant amount of time in these environments, it’s understandable why parents put so much time and effort into researching before making their decision. 

When evaluating daycare near White Plains, it is essential to consider their curriculum. Why? Because it sets the tone for every activity in the center. If you want your little one to pick up foundational skills before formal school starts, crayons and flashcards may not be the answer for your energetic child. Both a parent and kid-friendly solution to this issue is structured play. But can a child learn while they are playing and having fun?

What is a structured play? 

The good thing about the structured play is that it does not have to take up more precious time than is necessary. Structured playtime, also known as “play with a purpose”, combines an enjoyable activity with a learning objective. It can take on different forms — physical or mental — which keep the children active while learning. In this setting, the activities support kids in learning fundamental skills with adult supervision. Some people refer to these skills as the ABCs, which stand for agility, balance, coordination, and speed. 

Structured activities such as following directions to assemble a Lego-theme set or playing card games with a set of rules can develop these skills. If you’re teaching your child how to fold their clothes, let them match socks and count afterward to see how many he or she can match correctly. Working in some physical activity helps too.
Overall, structured play supports children’s competence and confidence, which helps them get comfortable in trying a variety of activities in different settings.

Some parents question if they should add structured play to their child’s schedule if it means taking away their regular playtime. It is important to know that not every session should have an objective or task to complete. You can provide them with at least an hour of structured activities every day, especially if they are already getting structured play through a child care curriculum. The best practice would be to break down that 60-minutes of play into smaller chunks to allow your child to concentrate.

4 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Kindergarten with Structured Play

A structured playtime is an option that both parents and teachers rely on to help children learn and grow. If you want to close the gap between an early child care program and a kindergarten, here are four ways to do it: 

Always set clear expectations

Some parents believe that there shouldn’t be any expectations for their kids at an early age. However, instructors believe that with clear expectations, children will learn how to cope with them successfully. For instance, teachers should introduce teacher-designed expectations in most activities, so children can learn to be accountable for the proper completion and quality of the task. 

Establish classroom rules

Rules are essential to a childcare curriculum since it helps them prepare for kindergarten, while at the same time improves their day-to-day conduct. These children should know how to sit correctly with both feet in front of them, work quietly, and put their used materials back to their original place after completing a task. 

Emphasis on classroom routine

For the first few weeks, teachers should clearly teach the kids the habits and expectations of the classroom and schedule. Reinforcing the desired behaviors during each activity goes a long way.

Promote independent working 

Some of the physical and social activities in the structured play don’t always promote independent work. To help the children learn independent working, teachers need to decrease the amount of guidance they give their students. If any problems arise, they should encourage the child to resolve the issue on their own instead of spoon-feeding them the answer.  

Whether your child is six weeks or 12 years old, you wouldn’t want to send your kid just anywhere. You would want to find a child care center that cares for your child as well as you would and supports optimal development. At Discovery Village Center, that is precisely the kind of environment we will create for your child. Nothing is better than seeing your kid smile during their structured play. If you want to see the benefits of our quality child care curriculum first-hand, schedule a tour today and discover the beauty of our quality daycare near White Plains.


How to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool in Sleepy Hollow

Each day is a new adventure for a young child in Sleepy Hollow. Soon enough parents will need to start thinking about what preschool they wish to send their child to. It is a big decision to make, but it does not need to be a difficult one. 

Starting preschool is the beginning of a new chapter in a child’s development. You may ask yourself, “Is my child ready to start preschool?” Even if your child has previously attended a toddler program, preschool in Sleepy Hollow is a big step. They will make new friends, gain independence as well as confidence and learn new skills along the way. Although this new undertaking will set your little one on a path to later success in school, it is not always easy. Both you and your child might have mixed emotions of excitement, worry and even sadness as infancy disappears. Emotionally preparing your child – and yourself as well – will take intentional effort. But with a little preparation, you can make it a smooth transition and a confidence-building experience for both you and your child.

Change is Inevitable: Preschool Adventure into the Horizon 

We live in an ever changing world and the pace of change has never been more rapid than it is today. It can be overwhelming at times, so many parents will shelter their children. If you are ready to enroll your child in preschool in Sleepy Hollow, you may be approaching this upcoming change with conflicting emotions. For your little one, preschool can cause excitement as well as anxiety since it is a new environment filled with unfamiliar faces of both teachers and kids. Meanwhile, parents might feel unsure about whether their child is ready to enter preschool.  

Enrolling your child in preschool in Sleepy Hollow has many benefits. School readiness is more than knowing the ABCs and 123s. A school-ready child is eager to learn, engaged and adjusted to the new environment. It is a place for them to interact with their peers and learn valuable life lessons. Children can also develop vital social skills and get better at following instructions, which will be useful in kindergarten and beyond. 

5 Simple Strategies to Prepare Your Kids for Preschool

Starting preschool is a big step for a child and parents can play a vital role in preparing them for this new experience. There are several small, simple things that you can do at home to prepare your child for preschool. Here are five strategies you can use to smooth the transition, not only for your child, but for the whole family as well.

Use pretend-play to get the idea of preschool

Reassure your child that preschool is a safe place where they can learn while having fun. You can take turns playing a parent, child or teacher and act out typical preschool routines, such as saying good-bye to mommy and daddy, playing outside, singing songs, reading stories and taking naps. Familiarizing your child with these routines can help them feel comfortable and in control when it comes to the real thing. 

Listen and acknowledge feelings

Preschool is an exciting yet heart-wrenching adventure and it is typical for both parents and children to feel anxious. To help your kids deal with the stress of change, let them express their feelings while you listen attentively and acknowledge their fears. Their worries — no matter how big or small — can spoil their preschool experience, which makes it important to talk them out so they do not build up. 

Check out the preschool

Find out if your child’s preschool has orientation for new families. It is the perfect chance to meet the teachers ahead of time and have some of your questions answered. Your child will also get the opportunity to meet their teachers, other classmates and experience the preschool with you for the first time.  

Use books to prepare

Spend time with your kids by reading books about preschool. You can choose from several books available in your public library and read with your child before preschool starts. Then talk about the story; it is an opportunity for your kids to ask questions and share any fears they may have. 

Keep your child informed

It is only natural for your child to feel nervous and anxious about going to preschool. Prepare your child by talking about the preschool and what would they may do there. Try to make the conversation as light and casual as possible, so the child does not feel overwhelmed or intimidated. 

Adapting to changes may take some time for both the child and the parents. Remember that becoming comfortable in a new environment is a process – not an instant transition. It is a big move for your family and worrying about the bumps ahead can spoil the joys of the preschool years for your child. Once your kids adjust to the new preschool setting, goodbyes will become much easier. Turn each “Good-bye, mommy” and “Bye-bye, daddy” into a happy experience with Discovery Village Center at Sleepy Hollow. Schedule a tour today by calling (914) 631- 1009.


How a Daycare Center in Tarrytown, NY Benefits Both Parents and Kids

Every experience and event during the formative years of your child’s life shape the foundation for later learning and their relationships with others. In a daycare center, you can expect your child to have plenty of exploratory time, free-play and play-based learning. Some even provide some structure learning activities to hone the children’s academic skills and knowledge, including solving numbers, reading and writing. 

Working parents in Tarrytown, NY, need and want accessible, high-quality, and affordable daycare centers for care, supervision, and learning that their children deserve. But with the plethora of options in town, the juggle is real in finding the right place to care for them.

Daycare doesn’t just help kids; they help parents too! 

Many parents agonize and feel guilty about enrolling their child in a daycare. But if you take a look at what a daycare center has to offer, that guilt is not necessary. Whether you are working or a stay-at-home parent, sending your kid to a daycare facility benefits your child, but also you. It gives you the time you need to fulfill your corporate and personal duties while your child socializes and learns in a caring environment.  

Some parents also need a break from their little one sometimes, so there is no shame in sending your child to a daycare center for a few hours a day. For instance, moms have one of the toughest jobs in the world: working for a living, taking care of their child and performing home duties. It can take a toll on their mental health, so having free time is a blessing for them. They can use the time without their kids to go grocery shopping, catch up on household chores and maybe even pamper themselves for some relaxation. The best part is that their children get to have fun and socialize with other kids close to their age as well. 

5 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Daycare

Did you know that putting your kid in a daycare center can help in enhancing their communication skills? If you send your kid to a daycare facility, and you feel guilty about it, you will love to learn how it benefits your little one. If you are pondering the idea of a daycare that best fit you and your child’s needs, here are some points to consider:

It prepares your kids for school

Sooner or later, your child will leave his nest to attend formal school. But if he has been going to daycare centers for a while, the transition of leaving home will be a lot easier as the time preschool and kindergarten rolls around.  

It has flexible hours and regular schedules

Daycare centers are flexible when it comes to hours – they open early and close late to cater to busy and working parents. It is also a place where your child can learn about routines while partake in a sequence of fun and different learning activities like singing and storytelling. Moreover, the structured time for playing, napping and eating can also shape your kid’s behavior at home, which can benefit parents too. 

It can make parents happy

While some parents have the means to stay home and provide their own childcare, not all can follow this path. For instance, some moms prefer or have to return to work after a few months of giving birth. Knowing that your kid is in a warm and safe daycare can help you feel content and give you peace about your choice to return to work.  

It’s fun!

Daycare is not only a place where kids stay while their parents work – it’s more fun than that! Your children spend their day playing with toys, interacting with others and assembling puzzles. They also learn better while playing outside and partaking in fun activities. 

They can adapt better behavior

A daycare center provides children an opportunity to socialize and play with other kids their age. Working with others can show how to behave and become a team player. Moreover, they also learn to play and share while their personalities develop and their minds grow. 

Parents should not feel guilty because they have to work or cannot afford a nanny, or because they want to take some time off to do some grocery shopping without a toddler. It takes a village to raise a child and if you are fortunate enough to live in a village such as Tarrytown, you can find high-quality daycares like Discovery Village Center. Let us help your child experience the love of learning and you benefit from it in more ways than one! Call (914) 631-1009 and see how we go beyond daycare.