Why Daycare Learning Activities are Important to Your Child’s Development


Quality daycare learning activities set a lifelong foundation for well-being and success.

We often hear or see in the media that children are not getting enough physical activity these days. Some spend most of their time playing computer games and watching YouTube videos instead of enjoying the beautiful weather outside. But what does being “physically active” mean for infants, toddlers and preschoolers? 




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Daycare learning activities nurture children’s development.

For young children, physical activity does not mean lifting weights in the gym and running for 15 minutes on the treadmill. It is about active play and having the opportunity to move and explore their environment. A child’s physical activity will vary depending on their age and development. For instance, infants can move around through supervised, floor-based play during the day. Tummy time can also help them strengthen their muscles needed to crawl and walk. While toddlers still need supervision they are able to walk or even run as you chase them around your home.

Aside from physical activities, it is also essential to develop children’s cognitive and social skills. Quality daycare learning activities powerfully support that development. If you are a parent who is about to enter the workforce and wants their child to learn and grow while you are away, it is time to consider enrolling your little one in a daycare center – and there is no need to feel guilty about it. Daycare does not only give parents the time they need to provide for the family; it also allows children to hone their creative juices and social skills. That is why parents and early childhood educators must choose the right activities, so that young children can develop to their full potential. 

5 Simple Kids’ Activities to Try at Home  

You can only let your child run through the grass and sprinklers so many times before they get bored. During early childhood, kids are willing to try new activities. If you’re looking for new exercise for your child to enjoy, let them explore the world around with these hands-on activities designed to engage and excite your little learner. 

Painting with Bubbles

Your kids will have a blast combining colors, blowing bubbles and making imaginative prints with this bubble painting activity. To begin, you will need small plastic containers, non-toxic tempera paint in different colors, liquid dish soap, water, plastic straws and a piece of paper. Mix your paint with a little water, stir in a squirt of dish soap, then put the straw into the mixture and blow to create lots of bubbles. Gently press the paper over the bubbles and watch how it will leave swirly patterns and splatters on the paper. 

Doing this activity will not only bring out the creative side of your child; they also get to explore the properties of bubbles and build oral motor strength through controlled blowing.  


Sink or Float Experiment

The sink or float experiment is a play-based learning activity that will encourage kids to observe and predict whether the object floats or sinks. Start by grabbing several objects with varying weights and materials as well as a large container to fill with water. Let your child drop the objects one at a time and guess if they will float or sink. This experiment is a fun way to explain density to children. 

Musical Activities

Like all early learning experiences, musical activities promote development in many domains. Imagine six toddlers banging on different musical instruments; it is a team effort that can nurture cooperation and build positive peer relationships. Not only will they learn rhythm, they will be encouraged to share and take turns. Passing instruments will get them to feel the beat as their rattles go “chicka chicka,” and their little drums go “boom chicka boom.”

Learn about Recycling

As parents and educators, it is essential to teach children the importance of taking care of the earth. You can set up a recycling center where children can learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle. It will provide an opportunity for them to learn where the products came from and how they can reuse them. If you are a teacher, you can invite the kids to bring in some disposable household materials to combine with items in the classroom and transform them into creative art projects. 

Dressing Up Role Play

Every child needs an engaging and fun way to learn. Role-playing activities will deliver just that. It is an activity where kids use their imaginations, gain confidence, build vocabulary skills and develop ideas about how the world works. With dress-up play, your child can be anyone – from a superhero to a doctor, a fashion model to a policeman, even a princess or a frog!

These activities will keep your little ones entertained, especially if you have a budding Picasso on your hands or the next Albert Einstein. Don’t let your child miss out on the fun! Choose a daycare center that combines different fun activities with an educational twist that will benefit them in the long run; choose Discovery Village Center! If you have questions, visit our website and don’t hesitate to call us at (914) 631- 1009!


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What are the Benefits of Daycare Center in Sleepy Hollow?

In today’s busy life when most parents in Sleepy Hollow are professionals, quality childcare is a must. While some have family members who can care for their children, daycare centers are an excellent alternative, providing a safe, warm and structured environment for kids. Daycare is not only an excellent solution for parents; it also benefits children in more ways than one. So if you are going back to work part or full-time, but you are not sure what your options are, it’s time to learn more about the daycare center in Sleepy Hollow. 

5 Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Daycare

There are many proven benefits of enrolling your child in daycare. So if you are feeling guilty about your decision, stop apologizing for this acceptable and promising parenting choice. Here are five significant benefits of enrolling your kids in a quality daycare program. 

More room to grow

A quality daycare can contribute to a child’s success in the long run, especially when they have teachers who are capable of handling behavioral problems. Moreover, the learning environment provides opportunities for kids to learn and grow while having fun.  

Helps kids try healthy foods

Based on a study from the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, children in daycare are more willing to try healthy meals when daycare teachers sit with them and consume the same food. Getting your little one to have small tastes of nutritious food is crucial for improving familiarity with different foods.  When you try to introduce healthy meals at a young age, their willingness to eat a wider variety of food will be higher in the future. 

Smoother transition to preschool and kindergarten 

Transition times are one of the most challenging and stressful parts of the day in daycare. Parents who put their children in a daycare center tend to stay more involved in school life as their little ones grow old. This choice does not only help the parents, but the children as well since it makes it easier for them to adjust to regular schooling. 

Routine and schedule

In a daycare setting, children follow a daily schedule and routine. More than any other reason, having a daily routine provides a sense of security and certainty for the kids. If there are no regular routines, anxiety can build up and the child might start showing emotional reactions due to inconsistencies and too many unknowns.

Interaction with adults

Daycare allows kids to interact with authority figures and get positive guidance from mentors. Moreover, adult care providers encourage kids, respond to their vocalizations, curb negative interactions and display a positive attitude in the daycare environment. 

Reality check: daycare provides countless benefits to children. While enrolling your child in a daycare center is not an easy decision, choosing a reputable daycare can benefit your child over time. If you are looking for a trusted daycare center in Sleepy Hollow, it’s time to consider Discovery Village Center. Shoo those fears away and contact us at (914) 631-1009 to schedule a tour today!


How a Daycare Center in Tarrytown, NY Benefits Both Parents and Kids

Every experience and event during the formative years of your child’s life shape the foundation for later learning and their relationships with others. In a daycare center, you can expect your child to have plenty of exploratory time, free-play and play-based learning. Some even provide some structure learning activities to hone the children’s academic skills and knowledge, including solving numbers, reading and writing. 

Working parents in Tarrytown, NY, need and want accessible, high-quality, and affordable daycare centers for care, supervision, and learning that their children deserve. But with the plethora of options in town, the juggle is real in finding the right place to care for them.

Daycare doesn’t just help kids; they help parents too! 

Many parents agonize and feel guilty about enrolling their child in a daycare. But if you take a look at what a daycare center has to offer, that guilt is not necessary. Whether you are working or a stay-at-home parent, sending your kid to a daycare facility benefits your child, but also you. It gives you the time you need to fulfill your corporate and personal duties while your child socializes and learns in a caring environment.  

Some parents also need a break from their little one sometimes, so there is no shame in sending your child to a daycare center for a few hours a day. For instance, moms have one of the toughest jobs in the world: working for a living, taking care of their child and performing home duties. It can take a toll on their mental health, so having free time is a blessing for them. They can use the time without their kids to go grocery shopping, catch up on household chores and maybe even pamper themselves for some relaxation. The best part is that their children get to have fun and socialize with other kids close to their age as well. 

5 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Daycare

Did you know that putting your kid in a daycare center can help in enhancing their communication skills? If you send your kid to a daycare facility, and you feel guilty about it, you will love to learn how it benefits your little one. If you are pondering the idea of a daycare that best fit you and your child’s needs, here are some points to consider:

It prepares your kids for school

Sooner or later, your child will leave his nest to attend formal school. But if he has been going to daycare centers for a while, the transition of leaving home will be a lot easier as the time preschool and kindergarten rolls around.  

It has flexible hours and regular schedules

Daycare centers are flexible when it comes to hours – they open early and close late to cater to busy and working parents. It is also a place where your child can learn about routines while partake in a sequence of fun and different learning activities like singing and storytelling. Moreover, the structured time for playing, napping and eating can also shape your kid’s behavior at home, which can benefit parents too. 

It can make parents happy

While some parents have the means to stay home and provide their own childcare, not all can follow this path. For instance, some moms prefer or have to return to work after a few months of giving birth. Knowing that your kid is in a warm and safe daycare can help you feel content and give you peace about your choice to return to work.  

It’s fun!

Daycare is not only a place where kids stay while their parents work – it’s more fun than that! Your children spend their day playing with toys, interacting with others and assembling puzzles. They also learn better while playing outside and partaking in fun activities. 

They can adapt better behavior

A daycare center provides children an opportunity to socialize and play with other kids their age. Working with others can show how to behave and become a team player. Moreover, they also learn to play and share while their personalities develop and their minds grow. 

Parents should not feel guilty because they have to work or cannot afford a nanny, or because they want to take some time off to do some grocery shopping without a toddler. It takes a village to raise a child and if you are fortunate enough to live in a village such as Tarrytown, you can find high-quality daycares like Discovery Village Center. Let us help your child experience the love of learning and you benefit from it in more ways than one! Call (914) 631-1009 and see how we go beyond daycare.