Why Preschool Matters for Children in Tarrytown, NY

Although some parents consider kindergarten as a stepping stone for their child’s education, the early years of their lives are critical in the long run. Many parents would agree that the first years of their child’s life seem to pass in the blink of an eye. Before they knew it, they are already thinking of enrolling their kids in preschool. However, choosing the right preschool for your child is not a simple task. Some parents tend to lose sleep over finding an environment where their children can learn and grow. With all the daycares and preschools to choose from in Tarrytown, NY, it can be downright overwhelming. 

A preschool is an exciting place for children to learn the ABCs and 123s, but there is much more that happens during these early years. As parents, the thought of sending your kid to preschool, into a new environment, is both nerve-wracking and heart-wrenching. However, it is in this warm and secure setting where children develop crucial skills, interact with others and learn through play time that nurtures innate curiosities. So how do the children from Tarrytown, NY, benefit from a high-quality preschool program? 

What is a High-Quality Preschool Program?

The young mind is wonderfully malleable. It can develop new habits with relative ease. For young learners, every experience and encounter is a unique learning opportunity. In a high-quality preschool children learn numbers, shapes and letters. It is the first time they become part of a structured learning environment and large group learning. These kids begin to develop a positive relationship with their peers and learn to respect authority.

While no preschool is the same, high-quality preschool programs have some things in common. They have warm and caring educators who get to know every child and family personally, as well as help kids interact with each other and make friends. In addition, teachers help preschoolers develop their thinking skills by asking open-ended questions and offering suggestions. They also provide new materials and plenty of time for children to explore new things and make sense of their world. 

5 Importance of Preschool for Your Child’s Development

Preschool matters for several reasons. Experts believe that attending a high-quality preschool program can help kids thrive in kindergarten and beyond. However, finding the best option for your child takes time and research. There is no doubt that early childhood education matters and here is why: 

It serves as a foundation for learning

In preschool, your child will learn to strengthen not only their academic minds, but also develop their social and emotional skills. They are in a secure and warm environment where they can explore, gain a sense of self and build self-confidence. For instance, your kids will learn how to get their teacher’s attention by raising their hands or how to spend their time away from their parents without getting anxious. 

It nurtures a child’s creativity and natural curiosity

Early childhood is the peak time to nurture a child’s imagination. Preschool teachers use children’s interests and ideas to create activities. Since preschoolers have an active imagination and learn through make-believe play, even simple events can be an exciting opportunity to learn.

It structures learning through play

Children need an opportunity to pretend, create and tell stories. If you are trying to get your child to pick up a few foundational skills before formal school starts, structured play is your kid-friendly solution. Similar to curiosity, play is a natural thing for young learner, especially in today’s society. Thus, using games and attention-grabbing activities is an effective way for kids to develop new skills and have fun. 

It builds social skills

When children start preschool, they are introduced to a new environment that allows them to develop social skills. Although they are more comfortable in their homes, a preschool setting can help them solve problems, listen and learn how to take turns. While these skills are not the natural strength of a preschooler, these skills can be grown and developed in preschool.

It helps in developing motor skills

Enrolling your child in preschool can help them develop motor skills and improve their physical coordination. High-quality preschool programs provide opportunities for kids to establish excellent motor skills. It may include building a tower of ten blocks, completing puzzles, cutting out simple shapes or even clapping their hands. 

You cannot deny and overlook the long-term benefits of enrolling your children in a preschool. Allowing them to thrive in these communities can propel them to fun-filled and positive experiences later in life. At Discovery Village, we can help your young scholar shape their academic, social and emotional success. Each day with us gives you peace of mind and your child the opportunity to embrace new experiences and learn new skills. Call us at (914) 631-1009 and get your preschooler enrolled today!