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It’s Not Small Talk: The Wonder of Weather In Early Childhood Learning

Art Inspired by Fall

Noticing, wondering, sensing, and experiencing are all characteristics of the curious and the creative. They are also at the very core of Reggio-inspired early childhood learning, a  project-based educational approach in which learning stems from student interest. Among the countless topics that can ignite children’s inquisitive nature, the weather, with its seasonal, daily, even hourly […]

REV It UP! Relationships, Experiences, Values

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The first five years of life; a time of wonder, imagination, creativity and discovery, are marked by incredibly rapid development of both mind and body. Through play, interaction with others, and exploration of the world around them, children reveal their emerging personalities and identities. While a child’s home is the most central of environments in […]

The Reggio Emilia Educational Approach

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In the days and weeks following the end of World War II, the area of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy was left in ruins. The combination of military action against resistance to the Nazis and allied bombings had devastated the region. Amidst the rubble, on land contributed by a local farmer, using materials from bombed-out […]

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